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Rukmini Devi Public School

43.7 Milestone,NH-1,Vardaan Chowk
Sector-7, Sonepat

Phone : 09996547888,
Website : www.rdps-nh1.edu.in
Email : contact@rdps-nh1.edu.in

    Faculty Development Programme

                                                                          Education is the Key to Empowerment

                          “Empowered teachers produce empowered children, empowered children produce empowered Nation”

The school, with the help of a committed and dedicated staff, fosters a teaching environment which is:

  •     Receptive and supportive for learning.
  •     Based on instructional process catering to the individual needs of each child.
  •     An integration of different teaching methodologies and strategies for better understanding based on alternate ways of learning.

In order to match the expectations of the current trends in the field of education, our teachers empower themselves with the following qualities and competencies:

  •     An attitude of empathy and acceptance which makes a child feels valued.
  •     Competence in observing both verbal and non-verbal behavior of children and an ability to assess them on these parameters.
  •     Ability to use a variety of instructional methods, and is skillful in setting specific objectives, asking questions and assessing children’s progress.
  •     Resourcefulness i.e. to recognize the "teachable moments” and involving the school community.
  •     Broad view of the learning process and capitalizes on the children’s interests and experiences.
  •     Sensitivity to children’s needs, in order to develop a sense of self-worth and competence in them which would help them to meet the demanding challenges in future with confidence.

    Comfortable in the integration of ICT in teaching- learning process and other related areas.


As the education industry is undergoing a transformation, so is the role of the teacher, from that of an instructor to a facilitator. Teacher Training Programmes (TDPs) at RDPS are conducted to facilitate the enhancement of the skills, capabilities and knowledge of teachers.

Objectives of Training and Development:

  • Empowering the teachers
  • Optimizing the utilization of human resource
  • Development of technical and behavioral skills that helps a teacher in attaining personal growth.
  • Increasing the productivity level
  • Inculcating the sense of team work, team spirit, and inter-team collaborations.
  • Building the positive perception and feeling about the organization
  • Creating a healthy working environment and a better corporate image.
  • More effective decision making and problem solving.
  • Developing leadership skills, motivation, loyalty, better attitudes.

Professional Development of teachers is done at three levels:

Beginner level of Teacher Empowerment-RDPS is committed to integrate new employees into the organisation as effectively as possible by providing them with the information, support and training to become productive and satisfied members of the organisation. The new appointee and teachers with experience of 0-3 years fall in this category. They are coached or mentored either by the class coordinator or senior faculty member who is at the stage of sustaining empowerment i.e. the self- committed for life- long learning. The areas of mentoring involve Lesson planning and its presentation in sync to the school mission, awareness of the school process and procedures related to the concerned class level and awareness of school resources including the ICT for integration in the teaching- learning process. 

Intermediate level of Teacher Empowerment (3- 8 yrs experience)- The teachers falling under this category are groomed into empowered educators through various formal and informal workshops that enhance their teaching methodology and pedagogical approach.

                                                                       ‘When we focus on teachers, our students Succeed’

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