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Rukmini Devi Public School

43.7 Milestone,NH-1,Vardaan Chowk
Sector-7, Sonepat

Phone : 09996547888,
Website : www.rdps-nh1.edu.in
Email : contact@rdps-nh1.edu.in


We boast of our committed & dedicated staff members who leave no stone unturned to maximize student’s performance at all levels. Our teachers are highly qualified and are specially trained to be keen observers, ready to facilitate child’s learning foundation. Periodical workshops are also organized for the teachers on different skill areas by trained professionals to keep them up-to-date with the latest trends in teaching. Constant training allows our teachers to hone their own skills and ensure a creative and innovative approach to classroom practices.


Rukmini Devi Public School

Teaching Staff

S.No. Name Designation  Exp. Qualifications
01 Mr  Nishant Kumar Principal 16 Yrs BA Hons (Economics), MA - Economics,  B.Ed
02 Ms Sonia Sharma TGT-S.Sc (Coordinator Srs) 4 yrs MA(English) B.Ed, MBA
03 Ms.Anjli Sharma PGT-History (Incharge -Examination) 11 yrs MA (English, History), B.Ed
04 Ms.Pratima Chaudhary NTT, Incharge - PP 8.5 yrs B.A,Post Graduate in Human Resource Management, JBT,
05 Ms.Namita N.T.T. 1 yr 7 months B.A
06 Ms.Manjita Ranga N.T.T. 10 yrs M.A, N.T.T
07 Ms.Pinki Mehra N.T.T. 5 yrs B.com, N.T.T
08 Ms. Vaishali N.T.T. 8 yrs B.A.,N.T.T
09 Ms. Sonali Verma N.T.T. 6.5 year B.Com, N.T.T
10 Ms.Ritu Dahiya  PRT 5.5 yrs B.Com, B.Ed,HTET
11 Ms.Heena Puri  PRT 3 yrs B.C.A, D.ed, CTET, B.A (Eng &S.St)
12 Ms.Ranjita  Kinha  PRT 2.4 yrs B.Sc, M.B.A
13 Ms.Rakshita PRT 5.4 yrs B.Ed, M.A. (Eng)
14 Ms.Shruti PRT 3 yrs BCA, B.Ed
15 Ms.Aarti Rani PRT 2.5 yrs M.Com
16 Ms.Preeti (Saini) PRT 2.5 yrs M.B.A, B.Ed,M.A (Economics)
17 Ms.Kamana Birhman PRT 4 yrs  M.B.A, B.Ed
18 Ms.Sushmeet Kaur Saluja PRT 10 yrs BBA,M.Ed
19 Ms. Jasbir Kaur 15.3 yrs 15.3 yrs MA (Eng), NTT, Pursuing  D.El.Ed
20 Ms. Nidhi PRT 6 months JBT, MA (Eco), B.Ed, M.Ed
21 Ms.Divya Dhawan TGT (French) 7.5 yrs M.Com, B.Ed, Advanced diploma in French Language
22 Ms.Kamiya Khanna TGT (Science) 4.5 yrs B.Sc, B.Ed, CTET-II
23 Ms.Pooja TGT(Biology Teacher) 5 yrs M.Sc (Microbiology), B.Ed
24 Ms.Urvashi Khatri TGT (English) 3.5 yrs M.A (English),B.Ed
25 Ms.Pallavi Sharma PGT(Commerce Teacher) 2 yrs M.Com, B.Ed
26 Ms.Vandna TGT (Maths) 6.5 yrs M.Sc (Maths), B.Ed
27 Ms.Renu TGT (Maths) 5 yrs M.Sc (Maths) ,M.ed
28 Ms.Preeti  TGT (Maths) 8 yrs M.Com, B.Ed
29 Ms.Promila TGT(Hindi) 7 yrs D.ed,M.A (Hindi), M.A (Pol Science)
30 Ms.Sushila Devi TGT(Hindi) 20 yrs M.A (Hindi), M.A (Pol Science), B.Ed
31 Ms.Preeti Rani TGT(Hindi) 2.5 yrs M.A (Hindi), M.A (Education),M.Ed
32 Ms.Richa Sharma Computer Teacher 8 years 6 months B.Com, MSc (Computer Science), MCA, B.Ed
33 Ms.Deepali IT Project Teacher  6 months M.Sc (Comp. Sc.)
34 Ms.Manju Lata PGT (English) 11 yrs M.A (Eng), B.Ed, M.phil (Eng)
35 Mr.Bhagwan Dutt
PGT (Ph.Ed) 36 yrs  B.A, M.Ped
36 Mr.Parveen Kumar P.E.T.  2.4 yrs B.A, B.P.Ed
37 Ms.Garima Mehta Music Teacher 2 yrs BA, Senior diploma in Vocal Music, Diploma in Music Vocal
38 Ms.Alka Art & Craft Teacher 2 yrs B.A, 3 year Diploma in Textile Designing
39 Mr.Ish Kumar Dance Teacher 16 yrs Diploma in Kathak, Music (Vocal); Western; Bharatnatyam & Bhav Sangeet
40 Ms.Srishti Arora PRT 2.5 yrs MA (Eng) HTET, CTET
41 Ms.Vimmi Khurana NTT 5.5 yrs B.Com, N.T.T
42 Mr.Amit Badoni Maths Teacher 9 months M.Sc (Maths)
43 Mr.Amit Kumar Kaushik Geography Teacher 4 yrs MA (Geo), B.Ed, CTET
44 Ms.Garima Bhatia Art & Craft Teacher 5 yrs MCA, B.Ed
45 Ms.Nisha Hindi Teacher 4 yrs B.Ed, MA (Hindi)
46 Ms.Seema Rani PoliticalScience Teacher 6 yrs B.Ed, MA (Pol Science)
47 Ms.Shaivya Seth TGT-English (Primary Coordinator )
4 yrs
MA (English), B.Ed
48 Ms.Komal Chauhan Computer Teacher 5 years BCA, B.Ed
49 Ms.Monika Rathee TGT (Science) 5 yrs M.Sc (Chemistry), B.Ed
50 Ms.Kusum P.E.T. 1.8 yrs BA, M.P.Ed
51 Ms. Stuti Luthra PRT (Mathematics) 1 month BA, B.Ed
52 Ms. Gunjan Rani PRT 1.5 yrs B.Com, Pursuing B.Ed
53 Ms. Mansi Kapoor PRT 2 yrs MA (English), ETE, Pursuing B.Ed
54 Ms. Yashicha English Teacher (PRT)   BA ; MA (English)
55 Ms. Bhawna Sood Asst Tr (Science) 1 month M.Sc (Phy), B.Ed
56 Ms. Ankita Asst Tr (Science) 7 months M.Sc (Phy), B.Ed
57 Ms. Kumud Verma English Teacher 9 months MA (English), Pursuing B.Ed
58 Ms. Sapna English Teacher 1 month MA (Eng); D.Ed
59 Ms. Chitrangda Mehra Asst Tr (S.Sc) 1.2 year Pursuing MA (H) - Pol Sc., ECCE
60 Ms. Diksha Asst Tr (S.Sc) 6 month B.Ed, MA (Pol Science)
61 Mr. Rajat Singh Rawat MusicIntrumental Teacher 3.9 year Pursuing Graduatuion; Diploma in Vocal; Certificate in Vocal


Sr.No. Name Designation  Exp. Qualifications
01 Mr.Anil Kumar Admin Officer 03 yrs B.E.
02 Ms.Harsha P.A. to Principal 6 yrs MBA (HR)
03 Mr.Devender Yadav Lab Technician  5 yrs 5 months B.A, Professional Course (A+N+,MCSE, CCNA)
04 Mr.Subhash
Accountant 22 yrs B.com (H)
05 Mr.Deepak  Account Assistant 2 yrs 8 months B.Com
06 Mr.Ravinder Account Assistant 6 yrs 6 months B.Com, M.B.A
07 Ms.Aruna PRO 5 yrs M.B.A
08 Mr.Satya Narian BuildingMaintenance Incharge 18 yrs 12th, Army Graduate
09 Ms.Malvika Rawat GNM 5 yrs 12th, GNM
10 Ms.Nitika  Librarian 9.5 yrs B.Lib, M.Lib
11 Mr.Amit Kumar Exam Assistant-cum-Data Entry Operator 11 yrs M.Sc (Chemistry), 1yr Computer  Course 
12 Mr.Devender Lab Assistant 2 yrs B.Sc
13 Mr.Sunny Library attendant 1 yrs B.A (Library association)
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