School Approach

The “ACT” Approach:

The philosophy of education at RDPS is based on the belief that rather than expecting children to be ready for school, schools must be prepared to adapt to meet the varying needs of the child because our philosophy of child’s education is

“You are a Child of Immortality,
Your roots go deep to eternity,
Your reach is unto infinity.”

The development of Attitudes (A), Communication Skills (C), and Thinking Skills (T) is integrated in the school curriculum to act on young minds maneuvering future opportunities and challenges. The school’s ACT approach provides an engaging and learner-centric education that inculcates in the students the highest standards of academic and professional excellence. Our holistic school program, with 12 essential skills mapped under 5 domains, namely cognitive, moral, social, aesthetic, and physical, is designed to augment the ACT approach through various scholastic and co-scholastic activities.